DIY LED Chaser Circuit using custom made PCB from PCBWAY.COM


LED CHASER CIRCUIT LED chaser circuit is the simple circuit which can run 10 LED’s in chasing pattern, The main components of this circuit is 4017 IC & IC 555   CIRCUIT DRAWING   PCB LAYOUT   chaser LED gerber file Component List 1 NE555P NE555 DIP-8 1 2 4017 4017 DIP16 1 3 333-2UYC/S530-A3 […]

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Hello friends In this tutorial we will see how to Burn bootloader and upload basic LED blink code to ATTINY 85 microcontroller. you can watch the video for complete tutorial or you can continue reading the post.   What is ATTINY 85 ? Attiny 85 is the member of ATMEL family microcontroller, I sure those […]

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DIY Smart Pen


DIY Smart Pen   Hello guys in today’s smart world using a pen is quite boring, pens are being so low tech since they are invented. so I added some automation to it make it smart CIRCUIT DRAWING   MATERIAL USED 1) Arduino Nano :- http://amzn.to/2mcLXIg 2) MPU6050 GYRO :- https://amzn.to/2J6MH0b 3) Servo motor :- […]

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How to make GRBL based CNC Drawing machine


GRBL based CNC drawing machine Hello friend I have made a new GRBL based CNC drawing machine Some days back I received a laser engraving machine from banggood but unfortunately it is not working so i decide to open it and use its parts to build a CNC drawing machine. WWW.JLCPCB.COM is the place where you […]

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How to make Writing Machine


Writing Machine This is mini Drawing Machine, I have made this cnc Machine by using 2 Nema17 stepper motor 1 servo motor, Arduio Nano, L293D IC, some acrylic sheet, wood, and some hardware   following is the lick to buy components   Material List Arduino nano L293D IC PCB Terminal Header pin Servo motor Stepper […]

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DIY IR Proximity Sensor


How to make IR Proximity Sensor Hello guys In this post I will show how to make a simple IR proximity sensor IR Proximity have one IR LED & one Photodiode in this project LM358 IC is used Basic Working Principle   Basically IR LED will transmitte Infrared light when this light fall on reflecting surface […]

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DIY Arduino Based Automatic Wire Cutting Machine


Step 1: Video of  wire cutting machine Hello friends I have made a Automatic wire cutting machine using Arduino nano controller board. Basically there are 3 process level of this machine like 1) first process is Input Input like wire length and wire quantity provided by pressing push button also the real time data can […]

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How to load OS to Raspberry PI 3 board


How to load OS to Raspberry PI 3 board Hello friends I recently brought a Raspberry pi Model B so first question strike in my minh “how to load OS to raspberry pi” Raspberry Pi doesn’t come with an operating system. that means you can choose from a wide of OSs, each of which can […]

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How to Make Record and Play Servo Based Robotic Arm


Introduction: How to Make Record and Play Servo Based Robotic Arm Record and play servo robotic arm Step 1: Servo Based Robotic Arm Introduction hello friends in this instructables i will show how to make a robotic arm with record and play function In this project i used four mini servo and four potentiometer Read […]

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28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor + Arduino + L293D Motor Shield + processing setup test run


28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor + Arduino + L293D Motor Shield + processing setup test run Video     Stepper Motor  is a motor controlled by a series of electromagnetic coils. The center shaft has a series of magnets mounted on it, and the coils surrounding the shaft are alternately given current or not. creating magnetic fields […]

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Digital Voltmeter for Embedded projects


Digital Voltmeter for Embedded projects   this is very useful model to digitally display the voltage level of your batteries mostly this type of module can show voltage range from 3.6V to 30V DC  & 0V to 30V DC   There are basically two types of Digital Voltmeter modules available in market 1)Two Wire Module […]

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Quick guide how to install driver for arduino boards UNO/MEGA/NANO


Installing driver for Arduino boards Hello Friends In this post i will show you how to add Driver for Arduino board like Arduino Mega / UNO / NANO If you have purchased new Arduino board and going to start your first project using arduino the first place your where stuck is driver for you board, […]

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How to make LDR Darkness Sensor Circuit Simple DIY


How to make LDR Darkness Sensor Circuit Simple DIY Hello Friends In this post we will see how to use LDR to make a Darkness sensor circuit. Basically a darkness sensor circuit turn on a light in darkness and turn off light in brightness. VIDEO   Circuit drawing LDR DARKNESS SENSOR CIRCUIT   Component Required […]

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L293D Motor IC to run motor in both Direction


Hello friends Today we will see how to use L293D motor shield to run a 5v DC motor in either way (CW & CCW) L293D is a typical Motor driver or Motor Driver IC which allows DC motor to drive clockwise & anticlockwise direction. L293D is a 16-pin IC which can control a set of […]

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What is SCR ?


SCR Stands for silicon controlled rectifier. Almost all type of semiconductor devices are made up of P-Type & N-type semiconductor materials, in this post we will see basic structure of “SCR” a thyristor. The word “Thyristor” derived from the capital letter of two words THYRATON and TRANSISTOR. Hence a thyristor has a combine feature of thyratron […]

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Micro Servo Based Robotic Arm With Record and Play Function


Hello friends I have recently make a micro servo based robotic arm with Record & Play function there are four micro servos are used as shoulder, knee, palm & finger The best and interesting part of this project is, it have feature to record the motion and pay it again in infinite loop unless & until […]

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MPU-6050 Gyroscope Introduction & Teapot 3D simulation


What is MPU-6050 ? MPU-6050 is Digital Motion Processor (DMP) Sensor This sensor have 6 DOF sensing capability, which means it gives 6-axis output like acceleration output for 3 axis as well as Gyroscope value of 3 axis. This sensor is widely used in where balancing are required like Self balancing robots, drone, quadcopter, 3D simulation […]

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Variable DC power supply circuit using LM317


  About the article Variable DC power supply is required frequently for any hobbyist, Different level of voltage sources needed in many different projects so it is next to impossible to arrange all type of fixed voltage source, at same time it is too expensive to buy those kits from market so why not we make a variable […]

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How to Make Arduino Based Digital Tachometer Simple DIY Tutorial


How to Make Arduino Based Digital Tachometer Simple DIY Tutorial     Working principle :- IR Sensor get penetrate by motion of motor shaft, signal are transfer from IR Senor module to Arduino. This signal are processed in Arduino according to code loaded on it. Then Arduino transfer signals to LCD Screen to display RPM […]

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How to make Mini CNC plotter machine at home using Arduino


How to make Mini CNC plotter machine at home using Arduino / DIY mini arduino CNC machine   Step 1: First of all See this videos As per Human Psychology Videos or visual content is the best and power full way to learn So before proceed further first of all take a look to this videos […]

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