Digital Voltmeter for Embedded projects

Digital Voltmeter for Embedded projects


Digital Voltage Display
Digital Voltage Display

this is very useful model to digitally display the voltage level of your batteries

mostly this type of module can show voltage range from 3.6V to 30V DC  & 0V to 30V DC


There are basically two types of Digital Voltmeter modules available in market

1)Two Wire Module

Digital Voltage Display

Two wire module can directly connect to the voltage source whom voltage level need to be check as shown in figure.

Connection for two wire module


2) Three wire Module


Three wire digital voltmeter module


The Three wire module have three wire Red, Black, Yellow. Red & Black is power supply for module and Yellow is for to measure the voltage connection as shown in figure.

Three wire voltmeter module connection

Link to buy Two wire Digital voltmeter modules


Link to buy Three wire Digital voltmeter module

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