DIY Arduino based Autonomous Car | BT controlled + Line following + Obstacle avoiding

DIY Arduino based Autonomous Car | BT controlled + Line following + Obstacle avoiding


Hello guys In this post I have build a All in one autonomous car using custom made CAR shield PCB this Car can work as Bluetooth control car, Line following robotic car, Obstacle avoiding car, self balancing robot.






Arduino UNO :-

DC Gear Motors :-

L293D IC :-

HC-05 BT :-

Ultrasonic sensor :-

IR Sensor :-

MPU6050 Gyroscope :-

Electronics :-


Click here to download project data



PCB Development



I have develop a basic PCB in Fritzing here I have used a single L293d IC to drive two motors

and make provision to attached different types of sensors like, Ultrasonic sensor, BT module, IR sensor etc

Then i export the gerber file of this PCB and Upload it at JLCPCB.COM to order PCB, JLCPCB are the leader in manufacturing

Prototype PCB there are provide 10 prototype PCB in just 2$ .

So as soon as PCB arrived I start soldering the required components on like header pins and connecting terminals.

after finishing PCB word, our project is ready to be run just mount your PCB on arduino and load code according to your need



Low cost PCB on PCBWay - only $5 for 10 PCBs and FREE first order for new members

PCB Assembly service starts from $88 with Free shipping all around world + Free stencil 

PCBWay 2nd PCB Design Contest



Hobbiest Electrical DIY project passionate

3 Responses

  1. the voltage pins have no polarity printed on the board,think the left one is +
    what is the input voltage??
    and is not internally connected to the Arduino uno Vin ??
    I see that you use arduino input voltage, and the power-in on the board as well that can be switched off,the first one not, or just pull out the plug??
    An electric diagram would be nice for better understanding

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