Hello friends
this my new CNC plotter machine based on GRBL firmware which supports Z axis servo
In this article I will show you complete guide how to make mini GRBL based CNC plotter powered by two NEMA 17 Stepper motor & one tower pro mini servo.

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Components required

Arduino UNO

GRBL CNC shield 
A4988 Stepper driver (2qty)
Tower pro servo motor
6MM Smooth rod 
Stepper motor
Timing belt
Idler pulley
20 x 20 aluminium frame

Electrical Drawing


Refer this post for detail


Adding Extension in Inkscape

Here we are using Inkscape software to generate G-code for our machine

basically Inkscape is not directly save file as a G-code format for this

we need a external extension to generate our MIGRBL compatible G-code

So download   MI Inkscape

Unzip the folder copy folder now go to

Inkscpae icon right click go to properties and click on open file location

now go to share > extension

past here the copied folder

Now open this folder copy all four file past then also in extension folder

its done extension to generate G-code is added in inkscape

Now you can generate gcode as shown in Video

Streaming G-code to arduino

Till now your arduino is live you have G-code ready to run

but you need something by which G-code can stream to machine via GRBL CNC shield

so download  GRBL Controller this software is used to send G-codes to arduino/cnc shield

and accordingly CNC shield send commands to stepper motor to run

there are may parameters in GRBL which you can change as required to perfectly calibrate your CNC machine

Follow the link to get complete details how GRBL works

now you can able to run your machine successfully comment below if you have any trouble

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