How to make 3D printer | DIY 3D printer

How to make 3D printer | DIY 3D printer

Hello guys I have made this cheap 3D printer at home, I already have a 3D printer but I want to make my own, So i design each and every part of this printer as per my need and build my own 3D Printer.

Please note this before printing !! The total printing time for all parts are approx 30 hour PLA 1.75 I have used 6MM Smooth rod & T8 lead screw with NEMA 17 Motor 42x42x34mm 4 Wires and GT2 timming belt If your Hardware configuration match with above you can use those 3D model to build your 3d printer



You can watch this video for complete details or either continue reading the post.







Marlin Firmware :-



Pronterface :-

Best G-code sender for 3D Printer



3D Printer Body Structure

I 3D printed all of the major parts of this 3D printer machine. and mount the structure rigidly on 5mm wooden sheet.

I have used 20 X 20 mm aluminium channel to build the structure of printer, the benifit of using aluminium channle is they are very light weight at the same time strong enough to handle load of other components, also the are very cheaply available.

Click here to Download the 3D 


Calibration of Axis

The most tricky part is the calibration of all axis of your 3D printer, without calibration you cant get accurate output,

Steps/mm are the value which differ to printer to printer this value totally based on how you build your axis,

like if you are using timming belt or threaded road, the steps/mm changes accordingly.

To get basic overview about calibration please watch this video


Android APP to Calculate Steps/mm


I hope above available details are enough to get idea about how to build your own 3D printer, it is good to be creative at your own do changes as required because it is not compulsory what I did is necessary to do for you, try out different ideas and know what more you can do if you were stuck anywhere in between please leave comment below I am happy to help you.


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  1. Sir…
    I’ve been eagerly waiting for detailed video of the project.
    Have already bought several of the components.
    Requesting you to kindly upload them


  2. Please make this 3d printing parts with 8 mm rod holders and lm8uu bearings. As early as possible.

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