How to load OS to Raspberry PI 3 board

How to load OS to Raspberry PI 3 board

Hello friends I recently brought a Raspberry pi Model B so first question strike in my minh “how to load OS to raspberry pi”

Raspberry Pi doesn’t come with an operating system. that means you can choose from a wide of OSs, each of which can be flashed to an SD card (or microSD card for the Raspberry Pi B+) in a few simple steps. Here’s how to get a new OS installed and running on your Pi – and how to clone your perfect setup for quick disaster recovery.




1: Items you need

off course you need hardware to do the task like raspberry pi itself

below are the some list and link of hardware which you need

Raspberry pi :-

SD Card :-

Card reader :-



2: Download the OS

So as you have you hardware ready now need to go towards software side

so to upload OS we need to download it so you can download your choice of OS from the official page of Raspberry pi


Download the image file of OS to your computer


here note that you can’t simple copy & past image file to SD card you need to burn it on SD card via dedicated software

here you need Two software one to format your SD card (SD card formatter) and one to load image file to SD card (Disk imager)

First of all insert SD card in card reader and plug card reader to your PC and launch the SD card Formatter software

1. First step to select the drive allotted for your SD card, make double sure that you have selected the SD card Drive otherwise you end up by formatting you hard drive which may loose you data

2. Second click on Format to begin format process of you SD card

as formatting complete you SD card is ready to load OS

Now launch Disk imager software

1. first select the SD card drive from device drop down list

2. then locate the image file of OS

3.last click on write to burn OS to SD card


now your SD card is ready with OS insert the card in raspberry pi and connect raspberry pi HDMI port to the display of your monitor/TV

connect a keyboard and a mouse to raspberry pi via USB or WIFI

at last power the Raspberry pi board via mini usb port

and have display on you screen which shows loading you OS first time

in between process you were asked for user ID & password

Username: pi
Password: raspberry

as soon as the process completed you may redirect to the familiar kind of desktop screen means it done your PI is live now




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