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I am sharing this post because some days ago I hit with a same kind of post regarding making money online so I try to do this, now you believe or not it will turn a good decision for me and I start making decent amount of money along with my full time job, so I want to share some tips with you this will help you to start your earning from internet.

While we are busy with our daily routines i am bit sure all of us thinks at least once in a day, is there any way to earn extra income in spare time, am I right ?  or how can I earn using my skills, talent & passion.

So you are at right place friends I will going to give you same tips and way to earn some decent amount if you were much passionate & creative in your work you may earn a bit handsome amount of money even more than which you needed for your livelihood.

Even I also not much aware or believe that one can earn something from internet before.

All I was thinking before that online earning are just fake and fraud calls, but at now I am making decent amount of money from internet I just started it 4 month ago so here we go. Below are some points need to ask yourself before you approach further.

What is your passion

This is at first place because you are doing this due to your interest if you have no interest or passion in doing some thing you never can deliver your best and no one will care about you work unless and until you did it with your full passion, so be passionate found what you like most to do, like some like to cook, some like to do craft work, painting, some have deep knowledge of any particular subject etc.



You must have creative thinking because while you are on internet be remember there are numerous numbers of people may doing same thing so you are required to be some what creative in you work to get out of major competition.

Explanation Power

Ask yourself how much your are good in explaining things to other, some are good in speech, some are good in video presentation some are good in writing.


As you are clear in your mind that what is your passion , knowledge, creativity and presentation skill you may start further. Below are the some platform via you can earn,there are also many other ways to earn online but i select those because those are very simple and easy way you no need to be a pro in any particular field.

I think “If I can do it any one can do it”


Youtube channel 

In present scenario youtube is the most popular way to earn money by monetizing your videos for this you have to make video of your work like  your cooking videos, DIY videos, your daily life videos, videos of your tutorial on any topics etc.

Any thing you know you can record it and post it on youtube (unless it meets the youtube guidelines ) and monetize your video to earn revenue from you video. we will see in next post how to link adsense account with you youtube channel

Be remember nowadays Monetization policy of google are change according to new policy one can need at least 10000 lifetime view to apply for youtube partner program.

I have started my youtube channel in Nov-2016

Blogging / Website

Blogging and starting you website is also a good way to earn good amount of money. Write what you know

share your knowledge by writing then on website.

This way of earning is bit slower in beginning like you need to wait initially to prepare your website you need to write good quality of post and unique contents to get Adsense approval, to ripe deserving profit from your post you required to invest in domain name and hosting.

But be remember as your website is well set and have decent number of visitors so you may earn many fold compare to youtube.

I have started my this website in Feb-2017 and i get Adsense approve in May-2017


There are many site on internet claiming that we are providing good opportunity for freelancer, wait be alert while searching for freelancing work i personal have many bitter experience in it like customer didn’t pay for your work or your contract get hang in between this are some drawback of freelancing work unless and until you have a good potential & trusted customer and freelancing site.

While you are going to search freelancing site on my opinion is best at all don’t look for any other site.

Freelancing is best for professionals like Graphic designers, Engineers, Programmers, Coders, Draftsmans etc.

Freelancing is going popular day by day people like to work from home & companies want to reduce liabilities to hire a permanent employees this is a kind of corporate symbiosis.

Trust me if you build good reputation among the customers on upwork you may no need to worry about you fulltime job.

Content writing for any Websites

All of the above methods are required you to be regular on your work, suppose you are much busy with your routine and getting not much spare time so guest blogging is the best choice.

For this first recognition your strong field,  now search website based on you field of your  interest contact the administrator of website usually you can do this from ‘contact us’ page, submit some of your work if they found good for there site they will pay you for writing as a guest for there site.

Major sites are also adopting this method because its also good for them it will make avoid them to hire permanent content creator for there website, and also they get many unique content on regulars intervals.


So guys be ready to earn extra money from internet, in next post I will explain deeply about each method of earning online.



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