How to make GRBL based CNC Drawing machine


GRBL based CNC drawing machine

Hello friend I have made a new GRBL based CNC drawing machine

Some days back I received a laser engraving machine from banggood but unfortunately it is not working

so i decide to open it and use its parts to build a CNC drawing machine.

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You can watch this video or you can read the complete article to know how to build GRBL based CNC drawing machine


Material Required

Arduino UNO :-
GRBL CNC shield :-
Tower pro servo motor :-



Wiring Details


Wire the Stepper motor as shown in the image at there respective pins.

Connect servo motors Signal pin (orange) at z+

Positive (red) wire of servo motor connect to 5V and ground (black) wire to the GND of the CNC shield

for this particular CNC machine I have applied 9V DC supply because those motors are tiny they can’t handle 12 Voltage and get burn easily.

You have to short the Stepper driver M1, M2 & M3 for the full stepping function

I am using this very useful regulated DC power supply (Output: DC 0 – 30V, 0 – 5A)



Software Required

MI Inkscape

This Extension need to add in Inkscape software read this post for more detail, after adding this extension to inkscape you can find it at Extension tab, by using this extension you can generate G-code for you CNC drawing machine
This the GRBL version which support Z axis servo motor motion read this post for more detail

GRBL Controller
This is the software to stram G-code to GRBL CNC machine


For complete detail about Procedure to build this CNC machine watch this Video

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