How to make Writing Machine

Writing Machine

This is mini Drawing Machine, I have made this cnc Machine by using 2 Nema17 stepper motor

1 servo motor, Arduio Nano, L293D IC, some acrylic sheet, wood, and some hardware


following is the lick to buy components


Material List

Arduino nano
L293D IC
PCB Terminal
Header pin
Servo motor
Stepper motor

To see how I made this machine please watch above video

Programming of Writing Machine

Now your machine is ready its time to give life to you machine

So we need to program arduino

Here we need to add some library (AFMOTOR LIBRARY) to arduino IDE Software

so first download & upload this library to Arduino IDE to know how to add library watch video 

Download Adafruit motor shield Library

Then upload this CNC Code to arduino

Click to download arduino code

After successfully compiling and uploading your arduino programming part is over now move towards G-CODE


Preparing G-CODE

G-code is the format of file which your machine can understand and work acordingly

Suppose you have to draw some text with machine so you need its Gcode so what you do

Inkscape software provides you a facility to convert image or text into G-code

how to convert file in G-code watch video n

Sample G-code

1 sample

2 sample

3 sample

4 sample

How to add G-Code extension in Inkscape for MINI DIY CNC Machine

But when you download Inkscape software from net there is not a G-CODE save as option so you need to add a library Extension in inkscape for this download the following Makerboat g-code unicorn extension

Click to download Makerbot unicorn G-code extension

How to add this extension to Inkscape

1) Unzip the file

2) Open the folder by double click

3) Copy all the sub folders & files

4) Right click to the inkscape icon from desktop

5) Go to Properties

6) Go to open file location

7) Open “SHARE” folder

5) Open “EXTENSION” folder

6) Past here all that file

7) its done

Step 8: Processing IDE

Our arduino is ready our machine is ready and our g-code is also ready to print

So we need something which can transmit g-code to Arduino, so here we have Processing GCTRL program

Download GTRL Code from below link

Click to download GTRL

After downloading the GCTRL Code unzip the folder load the gctrl code to processing and press play button

a new window open from this window you can select your communication port,

By pressing “G” a browser is open select your g-code file and upload it

as soon as you upload the file Machine start drawing

Here is some ready made g-code file is attached

Thanks for your attention friends

I hope i cover every point of how to make CNC machine

hope you have appreciate this if you are trying to make this machine have a good luck friend

If you stuck anywhere in between feel free to contact i will surely help out my level best

If you have some new idea to improve any thing in this please most welcome you can share with us.

Thanks & bye

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