WannaCry Ransomware A War of modern age

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Those days we hear a lot about a ransomware name “WannaCry” this is a kind of computer virus spreaded by some group of hackers to all around the world.

Many countries are currently affected with this virus as name suggested this virus asking for Ransom to get your computer system free from its effect.

The attack started on Friday, 12 May 2017, infecting more than 230,000 computers in 150 countries


What is Ransomware 

A virus special develop to encrypt the data and asking for money to decrypt it.

Encrypting data means converting it into a form which is no longer get used unless it will decrypt to its initial condition a whole set of algorithm works to encrypt & decrpt data this make almost impossible to decrypt the data with by any third party individual.

How Ransomware can attack on you

In today life we are surfing internet almost whole day, many or i think all of us always getting some mails or link like “congratulation you have won billion dollar lottery ” & some of us also clicks on them our greed make us to do this.

This things are very well known by hacker so they use such type of tricks to trap you as soon as you click those links you get trapped, this is not only one way to get trapped there are many other ways used by hacker to attack.

How you effect with this virus

As soon as your system get infected with this virus all of your data get encrypted and no longer useable and continuously a message will display on your screen like Pay 300$ bitcoin to get release from this virus in 3 days afterwards cost increase to 600$ if you ignore this message your data also get deleted after particular time interval


Major targets of this virus

As long as you are individual using laptop or PC at home for personal uses so you are not the main target of this virus, although if you get infected with this virus simple you would prefer to format your system because it is cheaper to do so it doesn’t mean we became careless be careful all the time when you using internet.

Main target of this virus are big Corporate chains, Hospitals, colleges, Government bodies

here data safety and confidentiality are major concerns and without data those institutes can’t work so they have no other choice unfortunately they have to pay ransom.


Friends as we always hear that “Empty minds is devil’s workshop” but now  brilliant minds are more dangerous for human kind







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