Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry Pi Pico, Microcontroller from Raspberry Pi. It has a RP2040Microcontroller. You can program it with C/C++ or let Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico. Specifications RP2040 microcontroller chip.264KB on-chip RAM2MB on-board QSPI FlashDual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processorFlexible clock running up to 133 MHz26 multifunction GPIO pins3 analog inputs2 × UART, 2 × SPI, 2 … Read more

How to make Attiny based mini game console

Hello friends in this post we’ll se how easily we can build a Attiny based mini game console. In this mini game console you can play some retro games, which is obviously not very high tech but yes you get a good experience of making your own game console. So in post I’ll tell you … Read more

How to make LM317 based Variable Voltage regulator

Hello makers in this post we’ll learn how to make LM317 based variable voltage regulator circuit module. So a obvious question come in your mind what is variable voltage regulator circuit is ? A circuit which regulate the voltage in some range like 5V to 24V dc with respect to constant input voltage is what … Read more

DIY Arduino based Bobbin Winding Machine

Arduino based bobbin winding machine

Hello makers in this post about DIY automatic Arduino based bobbin winding machine. Bobbins are the small metal spools used in sewing machine, bobbins are filled with thread to stich cloths. This bobbins are frequently getting empty and you need to rewind it with thread again and again. So I made this machine it can … Read more

Arduino TIP122 DC motor Control

arduino tip122 dc motor control

Hello makers in this post we’ll learn how we can control high rating 755 DC motor with arduino using TIP122 Whenever we need to run a DC motor in our arduino project, we cannot connect it directly to the digital pins of arduino board because the maximum current rating of digital pin is 40mA. and … Read more

Arduino Python LED control Tutorial

Arduino python

Hello makers Arduino python LED control tutorial is the first post in our tutorial series of Arduin and python interaction. We’ll start with very basic and gradually moves step by step towards more advanced Arduino Python interaction tutorials. In this post we’ll see how we can turn arduino on board LED ON and OFF from … Read more

How to make Arduino based digital Tachometer or RPM counter

arduino based digital tachometer rpm counter

Hello makers in this post we will see how simple you can build a Arduino based digital tachometer or RPM counter You can build this device quickly at home on your own, you only need few components listed below. Component required Arduino Nano ( you can use UNO or Mega as well) IR Sensor module … Read more

DIY CNC Engraving Machine

diy arduino based mini cnc engraving machine

Hello friends in this post I’ll show how I made my own mini DIY CNC engraving cum Milling machine using Arduino and GRBL CNC shield. The frame of machine is made up of 12mm plywood which is very strong and easy to work with.I have used 500W spindle for this mini cnc engraving machine which … Read more

DIY Arduiuno based Toroid coil winding Machine

Hello friends I have made a Arduino based toroid coil winding machine,I have made this machine using arduino as controller, This machine is automatically winding the turns and also rotate toroid core automatically. For user input and interaction I have used a rotary encoder and 16×2 LCD display. User can enter data like diameter of … Read more