How to connect optical rotary encoder with Arduino

how to connect optical encoder with arduino

Hello guys in this post we’ll learn how we can connect optical rotary encoder with arduino microcontroller.First we get some information about what is optical rotary encoder. VIDEO You can watch this video or continue to read below post What is Optical rotary encoder Optical rotary encoder is a mechanical device having a rotating shaft … Read more

How to make Arduino mini CNC plotter machine

How to make Arduino Mini CNC plotter machine

Hello friends in this post we will see how to make mini CNC plotter machine using old scrap DVD drives, arduino & L293D motor shield.In fact in past I have build some arduino mini CNC plotter machine or drawing machine in past.But those projects are not well documented and unclear so I got many request … Read more

DIY Self Balancing Robot

Self balancing robot

Hello friends this post is about DIY self balancing robot in this post I’ll show how you can build your own Self balancing robot. I have tried to build the project but failed not get results as expected.but this robot turn out quite good and accurate, though this is not perfect but best as compare … Read more

GRBL CNC Shield + Z Axis servo MIGRBL


Hello friends, In this post I’ll give a detail tutorial on how we can attached Servo to GRBL CNC shield and how we can generate Z axis servo friendly G-code by using MIGRBL inkscake extension. In this way we can build a GRBL based CNC pen plotter machine or CNC drawing machine. OVERVIEW GRLB is … Read more

DIY Arduino based 2D wire bending machine

OVERVIEW Hello guys here I have build DIY Arduino based 2D wire bending machine, using some stepper motors, and 3D printed parts.I have use arduino nano for this project, this machine can shape wire in some 2D geometrical figures.I have write code for some 5 basic shapes like, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Hexagon & spiral. What … Read more

LDR Darkness sensor circuit

In this article we will see how can we build a darkness sensor by using LDR sensor. This sensor detect light falling on it and change it resistance accordingly.This change in resistance of LDR detect by a circuit. Which turn led ON When light is not falling on LDR and turn LED OFF when light … Read more

Arduino PID DC motor position control close loop system

Overview In this post we will see how we can achieve very precise position control of simple DC motor. We have use Arduino and PID calculation to achieve precise position control of simple DC motor. Such small project are very much fun to do, you can learn many concept like PID, Close loop system & … Read more