How to make LM317 based Variable Voltage regulator

Hello makers in this post we’ll learn how to make LM317 based variable voltage regulator circuit module. So a obvious question come in your mind what is variable voltage regulator circuit is ? A circuit which regulate the voltage in some range like 5V to 24V dc with respect to constant input voltage is what … Read more

Arduino TIP122 DC motor Control

arduino tip122 dc motor control

Hello makers in this post we’ll learn how we can control high rating 755 DC motor with arduino using TIP122 Whenever we need to run a DC motor in our arduino project, we cannot connect it directly to the digital pins of arduino board because the maximum current rating of digital pin is 40mA. and … Read more

LDR Darkness sensor circuit

In this article we will see how can we build a darkness sensor by using LDR sensor. This sensor detect light falling on it and change it resistance accordingly.This change in resistance of LDR detect by a circuit. Which turn led ON When light is not falling on LDR and turn LED OFF when light … Read more