Control DC Motor With L298N Motor Driver And Raspberry Pi Pico


In this article we are going to see how to control 2 DC motor with L298N motor driver and Raspberry Pi Pico. So let’s make it.
We can control DC motor in each direction by pressing push button.

If you are new to Raspberry Pi Pico and wants to get started then click here, it is all about getting started with Raspberry Pi Pico.

For this you will required some components, list is given below.

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Video for DC motor control with raspberry PI Pico

Required Components

Raspberry Pi Pico

L298N Motor driver

DC motor

Push Button

Jumper Wires

Resistor(Above 220 Ohm)

12 Volt Adaptor

Schematic Diagram for DC motor control with Raspberry Pi Pico

Schematic Diagram DC motor control with Raspberry Pi Pico

Follow this schematic diagram and make connections.

Connect IN1 pin of L298N with GP0 Pin of Raspberry Pi Pico

Then Connect IN2 pin of L298N with GP1 Pin of Pico

Connect IN3 pin of L298N with GP2 Pin of Pico

Now Connect IN4 pin of L298N with GP3 Pin of Pico

Then Connect GND pin of L298N with GND Pin of Pico, Make comman connection between 12V GND and raspberry pi pico’s GND

Connect push button as shown in schematic diagram.

You can use any value of resistor above 1K Ohm.

To power motors, I connected 12v DC adaptor.

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To write and upload program here i used Thonny IDE. You can download from here.

Here i write code in micropython.

My code logic is when I press one button, motor will rotate clock wise and when I release that button motor will stop and when I press another button motor will rotate counter clock wise and when I release button motor will stop rotating.

Code is given as below

from machine import pin
from time import sleep

IN1 = Pin(0, Pin.OUT)
IN2 = Pin(1, Pin.OUT)
IN3 = Pin(2, Pin.OUT)
IN4 = Pin(3, Pin.OUT)

Button1 = Pin(16, Pin.IN)
Button2 = Pin(17, Pin.IN)

while True:
    if Button1.value() == 1:
    elif Button2.value() == 1:
    elif Button1.value() == 0:
    elif Button2.value() == 0:

Save this code in Raspberry Pi Pico and name it

Now press run button.