DIY CNC Engraving Machine

diy arduino based mini cnc engraving machine

Hello friends in this post I’ll show how I made my own mini DIY CNC engraving cum Milling machine using Arduino and GRBL CNC shield. The frame of machine is made up of 12mm plywood which is very strong and easy to work with.I have used 500W spindle for this mini cnc engraving machine which … Read more

DIY Arduino based 2D wire bending machine

OVERVIEW Hello guys here I have build DIY Arduino based 2D wire bending machine, using some stepper motors, and 3D printed parts.I have use arduino nano for this project, this machine can shape wire in some 2D geometrical figures.I have write code for some 5 basic shapes like, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Hexagon & spiral. What … Read more