Controlling N20 Micro Gear Motor with Encoder using arduino

Hello friends in this post we will learn Controlling N20 Micro Gear Encoder Motor with arduinoThis micro motor have metal gears box directly connected to the output shaft of the motorin this way this micro looking motor delivery quite high torque comparative to its size.Such micro metal gear motors come in two models with encoder … Read more

How to use Touch sensor with Arduino

Touch sensor It is a tectonic device which detects the physical touch and generates output in form of digital signals.means it will generate output 0 when no touch is detected and generates output 1 when touch is detected Types of Touch sensor There are different type of touch sensors which works with different techniques like … Read more

Arduino TIP122 DC motor Control

arduino tip122 dc motor control

Hello makers in this post we’ll learn how we can control high rating 755 DC motor with arduino using TIP122 Whenever we need to run a DC motor in our arduino project, we cannot connect it directly to the digital pins of arduino board because the maximum current rating of digital pin is 40mA. and … Read more

How to connect optical rotary encoder with Arduino

how to connect optical encoder with arduino

Hello guys in this post we’ll learn how we can connect optical rotary encoder with arduino microcontroller.First we get some information about what is optical rotary encoder. VIDEO You can watch this video or continue to read below post What is Optical rotary encoder Optical rotary encoder is a mechanical device having a rotating shaft … Read more

DIY Arduino based 2D wire bending machine

OVERVIEW Hello guys here I have build DIY Arduino based 2D wire bending machine, using some stepper motors, and 3D printed parts.I have use arduino nano for this project, this machine can shape wire in some 2D geometrical figures.I have write code for some 5 basic shapes like, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Hexagon & spiral. What … Read more

Arduino PID DC motor position control close loop system

Overview In this post we will see how we can achieve very precise position control of simple DC motor. We have use Arduino and PID calculation to achieve precise position control of simple DC motor. Such small project are very much fun to do, you can learn many concept like PID, Close loop system & … Read more