How to use GY-271 Magnetic field sensor with Arduino

GY-271 arduino

Hello friends in this article we will learn how we can use GY-271 3-axis magnetic field sensor with arduino.By using this sensor and arduino board we can build a digital magnetic compass which can indicates the direction liken East, West, North or South.In this tutorial we will learn how to connect GY-271 3-axis magnetic field … Read more

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry Pi Pico, Microcontroller from Raspberry Pi. It has a RP2040Microcontroller. You can program it with C/C++ or let Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Pico. Specifications RP2040 microcontroller chip.264KB on-chip RAM2MB on-board QSPI FlashDual-core Arm Cortex-M0+ processorFlexible clock running up to 133 MHz26 multifunction GPIO pins3 analog inputs2 × UART, 2 × SPI, 2 … Read more

Arduino Python LED control Tutorial

Arduino python

Hello makers Arduino python LED control tutorial is the first post in our tutorial series of Arduin and python interaction. We’ll start with very basic and gradually moves step by step towards more advanced Arduino Python interaction tutorials. In this post we’ll see how we can turn arduino on board LED ON and OFF from … Read more

How to connect optical rotary encoder with Arduino

how to connect optical encoder with arduino

Hello guys in this post we’ll learn how we can connect optical rotary encoder with arduino microcontroller.First we get some information about what is optical rotary encoder. VIDEO You can watch this video or continue to read below post What is Optical rotary encoder Optical rotary encoder is a mechanical device having a rotating shaft … Read more

DIY Self Balancing Robot

Self balancing robot

Hello friends this post is about DIY self balancing robot in this post I’ll show how you can build your own Self balancing robot. I have tried to build the project but failed not get results as expected.but this robot turn out quite good and accurate, though this is not perfect but best as compare … Read more

Arduino PID DC motor position control close loop system

Overview In this post we will see how we can achieve very precise position control of simple DC motor. We have use Arduino and PID calculation to achieve precise position control of simple DC motor. Such small project are very much fun to do, you can learn many concept like PID, Close loop system & … Read more