arduino project

DIY Arduino Based Automatic Wire Cutting Machine


Step 1: Video of  wire cutting machine Hello friends I have made a Automatic wire cutting machine using Arduino nano controller board. Basically there are 3 process level of this machine like 1) first process is Input Input like wire length and wire quantity provided by pressing push button also the real time data can […]

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How to Make Record and Play Servo Based Robotic Arm


Introduction: How to Make Record and Play Servo Based Robotic Arm Record and play servo robotic arm Step 1: Servo Based Robotic Arm Introduction hello friends in this instructables i will show how to make a robotic arm with record and play function In this project i used four mini servo and four potentiometer Read […]

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Micro Servo Based Robotic Arm With Record and Play Function


Hello friends I have recently make a micro servo based robotic arm with Record & Play function there are four micro servos are used as shoulder, knee, palm & finger The best and interesting part of this project is, it have feature to record the motion and pay it again in infinite loop unless & until […]

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